What should I do?

In every men’s life there are some points when you have to ask yourself one of the big questions: AND WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?
One of these points has just came into my life. Last year (months) of the secondary school,  and i have no idea what should i do with my life. What is this step? What should i choose?

University, work, abroad, travelling….

Some opportunity to continue your life. You have to choose! You follow the trend, the pressure of your parents or the other way, the harder one so you travel around the world and you got some experiance what other people can’t imagine….

“Go to university, get a degree, and your salary will much better!”

The sentence which i heard a lot… what about if i don’t want to do this? If i want to knew new cultures and try out myself in the REAL LIFE…I don’t want to be just a piece of the society who do what everybody has done already…

This site want to answer questions like this one.


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